Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mini Me Modern Diaper Bag!

This is the Modern Diaper Bag, well a "smaller" version of it! I made this one for a friend's baby shower tonight! I kind of procrastinated and made it all in one day (which I don't recommend):) It came out beautifully; I was a little nervous because I broke 5 needles (thick fabric), and only had one left. It is all done and I can't wait to see Jill's reaction!


Jessie said...

From the pictures it looks like this might be able to double as a purse. Does it look like that in person? You can email me at seejessrun@hotmail.com

The Sutherlands said...

This is adorable!! How do we order one? I did not see them on your Etsy page... Your work is so creative and awesome!!!

Ali said...

I saw Karyn Hatch's diaper bag and would LOVE one! I have twins and need a big, roomy, cute bag! How can we order?